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Frontlines Calgary Home Inspectors protects you and your investment! A home inspection covers a visual, non-invasive physical examination of the readily available systems, structures and components. It is intended to identify any defects that exist at the time of inspection. Crawl space to attic, roof, windows and doors, interior, exterior, heating and cooling equipment, plumbing, electrical and more.

Our Full Home Inspections include: readily accessible and visible, roofs, vents, flashings, and trim; gutters and downspouts; decks, stoops, porches, walkways, and railings; eaves, soffit and fascia; grading and drainage; foundation and crawlspace; heating systems; cooling systems; main water shut-off valves; water heating system; interior plumbing fixtures and faucets; electrical service and meter box; main disconnect and service amperage; electrical panels, breakers and fuses; grounding and bonding; GFCIs and AFCIs; insulation and ventilation; garage doors; and much more.

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